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Amazing Day at the Temple

I had an amazing time at the temple this morning. I was stopped in my tracks twice today by things that seemed especially beautiful. The light coming into the celestial room was amazing for at least an hour. I totally just had to stop and ponder. I looked at the designs being made on the floor from the light shining through the windows and so much more. The flowers up on the fourth floor atrium also caught me today. They just looked especially beautiful.

We had a meeting about Prop 8 tonight. The church wants us to make 500,000 calls between now and the election to try and gather more voters. It seems like a large task and I am starting to get burnt out on it.

I really tried to get to bed by 10 tonight, but Batch had me look into some things on the webserver that aren’t working quite right. I really don’t understand why this is so much work – every other server I’ve ever seen has been configured essentially the same with all the apache pieces put together. It seems like everyday that is something new that needs to be installed.

Yahoo Email Servers

Today was going OK until Yahoo/SBC/AT&T decided to mess with their smtp server. It wasn’t bad enough that they made a bunch of changes recently requiring you to send mail to a different server name than before and then they required you to send it securely, today they decided that if you wanted to send from an address different than the one you are authenticating with, you would need to link these two accounts together. Of course, their instructions for doing this didn’t match what you actually had to do on Yahoo’s website and worse they didn’t work! I spent a good two hours or more working on this for a client at the office today and then came home to deal with it at home! I ended up getting everyone setup with accounts on our outside webserver to send mail from using an auxiliary port, but that introduces its own fair share of problems because now people have more than one account and so on.

Other than that fun, the day went fairly well. I had a few meetings today in the office, which required me to be there earlier than normal and also inspired me to clean up my desk/office. I basically found drawers in which to hide things or space on the floor. Lauren came by to eat some candy and get some music for her drive to San Diego and I got some admin stuff done. That’s pretty much the extent of my story for the day and I’m going to bed.