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Windows Mobile Wins

I’ve just been spending way too much time at the office lately. I didn’t leave till 8:30 tonight, went to Sierra’s birthday dinner at BJ’s and then came home to keep working! I guess it’s keeping me out of trouble for the most part. Windows Mobile won. The final nail in the coffin was when Batch sent a message last night and it had the signature line “Sent from my Verizon Wireless Blackberry.” I figured that indicated it was time to be done. There were enough reason to go Windows, we certainly don’t need to be sending out email through Blackberry’s servers so they can tag it up with whatever they want.

Things seem to be working fairly well on that front. I continued to immerse myself in Windows today. When I started having problems with my Windows in Parallels at the office, I decided it was time for a clean install. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my XP iso disc (which I used to install it in the first place) to work, so I grabbed the Vista disk that was sitting in the cabinet and went to town! I actually somewhat like it. Things seem to be going well with it and the two things I use it for I got installed and working: Outlook and Quickbooks.

And on that note, I’m going to bed. Ryan and I are going riding in the morning so I need to get some rest.

Blackberry vs. Windows Mobile Round Two

Not too much to report from today either, so I’ll try and keep this short. We continued playing with some phones and I still think that Windows Mobile is the clear winner. We got a Treo 700wx today but discovered that it is running Windows Mobile 5 instead of 6 Pro which my VX6800 is running. I also realized that the lack of buttons on the treo could be somewhat limiting. Maybe the fact that I can’t text message while driving is honestly a good thing with the larger keypad and it will help keep me out of trouble. I’m thinking, today anyway, that I’m going to stick with this new phone and we’ll take it from there.

I went to institute tonight and then came home. I didn’t get to bed early and instead spent time talking, playing and eating cake. We had some great rain today and it is pretty darn cold outside. It got cold enough in fact that our heaters stopped working at the office and we had to pull out the space heaters. Well, everyone else has already had theirs out, I just had to pull mine out to keep warm.

Oh, for the record: The Blackberry still hasn’t gotten any data from Exchange. We’ve still been struggling to get any of their conduits to work without installing something directly on the Exchange server which I am reluctant to do.

Blackberry vs. Windows Mobile

We got our new phones from Verizon to test today. The big debate is between a Windows Mobile based device or a Blackberry. I went for the Windows while Batch chose the Blackberry. My device is working great – I mean as far as Windows can work great – while he is still relegated to having nothing. My number one complaint about the Blackberry still seems to be true. You can’t do anything with it unless you have their enterprise server running next to Exchange. I don’t think we’ll be looking into forking out the money for another server solution so that we can push our email to another server so it can go to mobile devices. We’ll have to manage a whole other batch of accounts and devices that I don’t really feel like putting up with. I realize at this point we’re only talking a few, but I’m looking at long term. I don’t know if Blackberry has something better to offer, but so far my vote is going for Windows because it works out of the box and doesn’t require another layer of complexity. I guess we’ll see if the boys can come up with another solution to buying the pricey Blackberry server just to try it.

Other than that fun I don’t have much big news to report. Aimee joined Batch and i for lunch today and showed off her new MacBook. Jim and I went and home taught Christina tonight and then I came home to pretty much continue working. It’s so hard to stop when you are fully connected 24/7! And, I think on that note, I’m going to bed. Good night!