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Blackout could cost ratepayers

“Blackout could cost utilities” says the headline from The Californian, 9/15/11, D1. The articles talks about how likely it will be that SDG&E or another agency will be fined for the blackout that caused San Diego to be without power for about twelve hours.

Here’s my question: Where are the funds for this fine going to come from? Are they going to end up coming from the ratepayers themselves? If so, we’d in essence be fining ourselves instead of putting the money to good use improving the infrastructure.

I realize there are probably insurance accounts for this and other sources, but ultimately don’t these companies get their money from their customers. So, when they have to replenish these account, or their insurance premiums go up, who pays?

What is the point of the state or federal government fining those who suffered through the blackout? As one who lives in Riverside County, this didn’t so much impact me other than giving me more work that night and the next morning making sure things were working as well as possible.

Our Offering

I finished the sales and use tax paperwork this morning and paid the bill.  I’ve just been out of things at work this week and have been having a hard time concentrating. I’ve found myself making a few stupid mistakes, like forgetting to put everything in an envelope before sealing it and such like that. I think I’m going to work a short day tomorrow so I can spend the afternoon cleaning the house and getting it ready for the housewarming. I need to start baking the goodies as well, which I guess means I need to come up with a full plan of what we’re going to have.

I’m thinking we may need to serve dinner since it is such a long thing, but I have no clue who is going to be here or when really. I’ve received a few RSVP’s and am hoping that more people show up than have responded. It seems like some people don’t even know about it, so I’m not sure if the invites didn’t make it to them or what.

I was happy I got to go to Institute tonight. We talked a lot about the sacrament and the offering that goes along with it. We learned that we bring ourselves, an imperfect offering and that we receive Christ, a perfect offering, and the blessing to try for another week. It was interesting thinking about how the offerings have changed over time. Sometimes I think we really have it too easy here, but then I realize all the temptations of the world we have today that may have not been so prevalent back in old testament times and maybe it is all fair. Or maybe we just don’t have as great of faith as they did in the old testament.

I still can’t find the remote for the DVD player. Kenny even came over tonight to help look for it. I’m wondering if it somehow wound up in the trash or someone’s purse and will never be seen again. Maybe I need to find myself one of those crazy universal remote controls finally.

I got the electric bill today; it was only $160 for almost a complete month. Some people had been scaring me into thinking it was going to obscenely high. I’m not sure if it is really worth it or not, but I’ve got the windows open tonight and am hoping it will cool off nicely so I can sleep. It is still 78 in the house and about 68 outside, abut five degrees above where I would prefer it to be.

Oh well, I’m off to sleep – or at least to try and get some sleep before I have to go back to work in the morning.

Who Stole My Remote?

OK, I want to know what happened to my remote control. I can’t find the one for the blu-ray DVD player which makes it nearly impossible to watch a movie. Nathaniel was able to program the remote for the set top box to get the DVD going, but it is missing almost all of the functionality of the full remote. I’m sure it is hiding somewhere and it will show up as soon as I stop looking for it. Maybe that is just a big sign that I need to work on cleaning up the house so I can find my misplaced remote. The funny thing is we all are nearly certain it was on the top of the couch earlier this evening and now we can’t find it at all. What the heck?

Today went fairly well. I started working on the sales tax return which is due tomorrow. There is nothing like the pressure of waiting until the last second to do things like that. I think I have most of the hard work done now and just need to transfer numbers after checking them over to the appropriate form.

I had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. Lauren decided we should make Parmesan Chicken. It turned out good again tonight, although I could have used more spaghetti. I guess for next time now I know that one package that is supposed to serve 8 only serves 6 really at best. After dinner they taught a quick lesson, mainly for pyro and batch. After they left, we watched National Treasure 2. It was pretty good and kept my interest throughout the movie.

Taxes Done

Friday went fairly well at the office, I think. I got in a bit late and then tried to leave a bit early after getting caught up on most things and getting ready for our board meeting on Monday. However, I decided to call the air conditioning people as I was leaving to have them take a look at our unit as it seemed like it was going through these weird multiple stage things and not actually being able to keep up with the demand for cooling. They came out and looked at it and discovered that some safety device was causing problems, so it was removed. Instead of leaving at 4:30, I left at 5:30 and now we have working air conditioning which is a must when it is 90 degrees!

I still made it home in time to get my taxes done, both for the feds and the state. I e-filed and am all done. Had I done it earlier, I could have had my refund earlier, but such is my luck I guess for waiting. I was able to get my mom’s taxes done today so they will be going in the mail Monday. I also spent some time catching up on TV as well as relaxing and doing some chores around the house. We noticed a bad smell coming from the laundry room this afternoon and traced it down to something in the vent for the dryer. As I predicted, a mouse had crawled into the vent from outside the house and since died causing the stench. We removed the two baby mice (presumably the cats got mom somewhere along the line) and somehow or other that got us started on cleaning the laundry room. We went through the cabinets and got things organized and cleaned out.

In other fronts, I’m still suffering from blowing off the driveway this morning. There was so much pollen and dust that had just settled in the area that when I blew it around it just inundated me. I’ve been suffering all day, which has not especially been fun.

Since the laundry room delayed me from getting to Tara’s birthday party, I ended up just staying at home to put the final touches on my mom’s taxes, eat dinner and then watched “Enchanted.” It was a good movie, although it was very predictable. I was still able to enjoy it and able to wonder if there really is such a thing as happily ever after.

Life in the Fast Lane

It was kind of an interesting day today. I felt like I was running around playing catchup, something I haven’t had to do for a while. Shortly after I was in the office this morning we started realizing that we hadn’t done a good job time-lining the next couple days/weeks and that there was a little less tim there than everyone was expecting. Things weren’t on people’s calendars, so I was booking them and myself for other things without realizing what was really going on. So, I had fun working on putting all sorts of events on people’s calendars and trying to figure out how the next two weeks were going to work out.

Somewhere along the line in dealing with trucking and prepping shows, it was realized that someone needed to go to Vista to pickup some gear. We were going to have Enterprise deliver a van, but I got to thinking that maybe it would make sense for me to drive Batch down there so he could pickup the gear and get the van. As usual, what I was really thinking about was food, which helped tip the scales. We went to Fudds for lunch before going to visit Sandy and Enterprise.

As we were leaving Murrieta, we heard on Murrieta Fire’s tactical frequency them talking about arranging trucks so they were in 1, 2, 3, 4 order. We couldn’t figure out what the heck this was for since that is usually the last thing on someone’s mind. When we got on the 15 at Winchester, we found about four engines parked on the overpass with lights flashing and firefighters standing on top. The same was true at the next two bridges and then we shortly saw a caravan lead by CHP with Murrieta Police and Murrieta Fire units. I found out tonight that one of the Murrieta Fire captains recently died in a hospital in San Diego and they were bringing his body back to Murrieta. It sounds like he picked up a parasite fighting recent wildfires.

Back in the office we got right back to work trying to make everything fit in the day. Nathaniel was prepping a show, I was working on admin stuff and Batch was just trying to keep his head above water. A lot got done today though, that’s for sure. I stayed late and got the taxes pretty much done. I just need to look them over in the morning for any typos or other mistakes and print off some final copies before putting them in the mail.

It was late when I got home tonight, so I’m pretty much just getting ready for bed and trying to wind down from the high paced office today. It’s a good thing I’ve got so many reruns of Without a Trace to watch…

Getting Close

I got within $15 of balancing our corporate tax return today. I’m happy with how far I got, so hopefully I can get it finished and filed tomorrow. That was pretty much what I worked on most of the day, so I don’t have anything else exciting to report. I stayed at the office till 7 when I left to hop on the Fallbrook ARES net while driving home. Wish me luck tomorrow finishing up the taxes and keep on truckin!