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I don’t know that I really have much to report. I went up to President Mattson’s yesterday and wired up the subwoofers in his home theater. Then I came home and cleaned. I know, I lead such an exciting life. To finish off the night Michelle and Melissa came over and we watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It was alright; I’m just glad we finally watched it.

The girls kept me up way too late last night and I therefore slept in this morning. Church went well, but I caught myself being a bit short with people more than once. I don’t know if this is Christmas depression or what, but it isn’t good. I think I’ve always been able to hold in my anti-Christmasness in for the most part, but it is just spilling everywhere this year.

I’ve also been so tired almost all the time lately and have pretty much been anti-social, so there must be something larger going on. Too bad I’m not smart enough to recognize what it is. Maybe my boring life is just feeding on itself.

No SF This Weekend

I’m really tired, so I should make this fast which means it will probably be really long. I think I’ve been fighting something all week now which has just been bringing me down. Maybe Krystal needs to find a new human garbage disposal or I need to find somewhere else to lay blame as she probably has nothing to do with it.

Work was alright today. I still have a lot to do tomorrow, so it is probably a good thing that I’m most likely not going to San Francisco this weekend. I discovered that there are tons of people coming to Connie & Michael’s thing, so they wouldn’t miss me and Brooke’s dad is coming into town to spend some time with her this weekend. Looks like I’ll be picking a new weekend which will allow me to spend more time doing the things I need to be doing around here. Frank should be moving in on Saturday as well, so it would probably be good to be here for that.

I went to the Murrieta Chamber Mixer tonight. It went well. I met a few new people. Although not quite the number I as hoping for, it was good. I learned about a wedding venue in French Valley that I hadn’t heard of before and will have to come check out.

It was great to have institute back again finally. I missed it last month! I needed to have read ahead and reviewed so I was better prepared though tonight. After instiute, Maegan and Larilyn came over and had dinner and then birthday cake. Zach came over and joined us and we talked about making calls for this weekend as well as home teaching. We have a lot of work to do to help our branch get 100% home teaching this month.

I really need to get to sleep!


I so tried to get up this morning when Shelly woke me up at 6:30 this morning, but it just didn’t happen. It was about 7:30 when I finally decided that I needed to get going. I don’t know what is wrong with me – why I have been sleeping so much and why I always feel so tired. I don’t know if I’m not eating right, not getting enough exercise or what, but it is getting kind of old.

Scott & Des came to the office today to check things out. It was kind of weird having them in our office instead of us being there, but it was cool. The day was fairly busy. I tried to get payroll done, but I’m not ready for it yet, so I’ll have to get going on it tomorrow. I finished assembling some par bars tonight before FHE, but then realized that because it was Matthew’s birthday I should probably come home. We had dinner and cake and then I relegated to my lazy activities of facebook and watching TV.

Maybe I need to force myself into a set sleeping schedule again. Maybe I’ll set my alarm for 6:30 tomorrow, although without a good reason to get up it may be kind of hard. I guess step one is setting a goal, right?

Oh, I actually pulled some green out of the closet this morning, trying to be festive. I wore a green shirt and a green jacket! I was also planning on bringing lunch today as part of my new money saving plan for my house fund. I realized somewhere around Reche & 395 that I forgot the lunch, so that wasn’t going so well. I realized somewhere around the 15 and Wichester that I really wasn’t dressed for meetings today since I was wearing a t-shirt! I thought it would be OK, but then I ended up having to go to an upscale winery restaurant where I didn’t think a t-shirt and jeans was going to cut it. Fortunately, I was able to find a CBC polo shirt in the back to change into, but I guess I need to start carrying a change of clothes or at least keep some at the office. Or I guess I could do what I’ve done in previous situations and go shopping.

Anyways, lots to do and I can barely keep my eyes open, so good night!