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Why I’m For Red Light Cameras

I didn’t used to be for red light cameras. I thought they increased rear-end collisions and that it was taking us to a police state where we were being watched by camera to increase revenues for police departments and so forth. Then, one day I was sitting at the corner of Murrieta Hot Springs and I-215 after getting off the freeway. I was waiting to turn right and my light turned green. No fewer than six cars PER LANE kept going through the light, long after their light turned RED and past the buffer period between when their light goes red and mine goes green.

Without the police presence, people think they can just cheat the system and go through as long as no other cars were coming. Unfortunately, we can’t always see everything that is going on. What if there was a car just getting off the freeway that saw the green light and went through at full speed? There is a high chance that one of the other cars thinking they could cheat the system would have t-boned the car with the green light and caused a major accident, possibly even causing death. To me each of these dozen plus people should have been cited to encourage them to follow the rules in the future!

Red light cameras are a cheaper and more efficient way to police critical traffic laws. Our police presence can be better used elsewhere instead of monitoring for a clear violation. There is no disputing when someone runs the red light, they have no need to face their accuser and there is video evidence in the event that there was some kind of equipment failure.

While red light cameras may cause more people to be cautious of running red lights and therefore increase rear end collisions, these are not nearly as bad a broadside collisions that are more likely to cause the loss of life. Regardless, we all should be stopping for red lights and not trying to rush to the next light. There is a reason your light is red and it is commonly because someone else’s is green.

According to an article in today’s UT Californian red light violations have dropped from 3,150 per month to 85 after the installation of the red light camera at MHS and Whitewood.

The article also quoted Diana Serafin:

“It’s not going to stop a drunk driver; it’s not going to stop a texting driver, it’s not going to stop someone reaching over to get something,” she said. “They are going to do it anyway.”

While I agree with her statement, each of these violators clearly needs to be caught as they are breaking the law, in many cases in more than one way. They need to learn the consequence of their actions. Red light cameras do not take away someone’s agency, it just causes them to understand the consequences of their actions. Regardless of an accident occurring, they should still be held liable.

School Traffic

I’m not sure I really like the idea of the kids going back to school. It seemed that there was a lot more traffic on Whitewood this morning, before I left the house. It was really the noise that was getting to me, maybe the wind was just blowing this direction or something. I did see a bit more traffic on Whitewood than normal, but it wasn’t the first time I had to sit through an extra turn at the intersection of MHS.

Work went well today. I was busy most of the day just trying to stay on top of things while Tara is gone. I found myself getting pretty impatient trying to get tracking numbers for things that should have shipped days ago and I probably enjoyed bugging people for tracking information too much. I did get a lot done though and need to work some on my actual job tomorrow and hopefully can keep moving forward there.

I went over to the Rodriguez’s for dinner and crashed their party with the Dunagan’s. As always, that ended up with doing something technical, in which case we ran a ethernet cable and then I started working on setting up computers for networking. Of course, one is xp home and the other is xp pro, so they don’t want to talk and I have to deal with tons of software getting in the way. Oh, there was also the router from Verizon FIOS that was resolving the name of one of the computers to an ip address that it was no longer at. I don’t think the second router was helping that problem and probably needs to go so we don’t have any further problems down the road. I still need to finish up the printer sharing which will involve making home and pro play nice together.

Pricey parking could ease traffic – Los Angeles Times

The LA Times had an interesting article yesterday about ways to combat traffic. I have been saying for years that we need to switch all freeways to toll roads and charge commuters based on when and how far they drive. If we hit people with charges to their pocketbook, they will quickly learn to take mass transit, move closer to work, carpool or travel at off times. Traffic problems will go away.

I had never thought about the parking situation and how something like that could do the same thing. I certainly see that it is possible to get people to leave their cars at home if it cost too much to park at work.

Pricey parking could ease traffic – Los Angeles Times


So I didn’t write yesterday because I didn’t get home until almost 2 this morning. I figured that was a good enough excuse to put it off until this evening. I went to Costco on the way to work and picked up a new Nikon Coolpix S700 digital camera. We had decided earlier in the week that the Sanyo digital cameras we got require a lot of work to get a good picture. I thought it could be worth a small investment in a little camera to hopefully get better pictures in those situations now. I haven’t really had much of an opportunity to try it out yet, but we did take a few pictures at Wicked.

WickedMaegan and I went to Wicked at the Pantages in Hollywood. The seats were amazing, Row L dead center. Traffic was horrendous, but the GPS nav was able to divert us around some of it. It also directed us to surface streets through downtown to Hollywood which I’m not exactly sure I agreed with because they were quite slow, but we got there and we made it on-time, so that is all that really matters. The show was great, even the third time seeing it. I wouldn’t mind going back and seeing it again! Maegan seemed to thoroughly enjoy the show although she seemed a little disappointed with how dirty LA is. I guess we now know why she has never been there before. All the characters were good. Megan Hilty was great as Glinda as always. Caissie Levy did good as Elphaba, but I think I liked the previous actresses I saw do the part better. Kristoffer Cusick did a good job at Fiyero as well, but the guy I saw from the tour wins hands down as he just fit the part so well.

We drove by the LA Temple on the way home and I finally got home just before 2. It was definitely a long day, but it was so much fun. We’re planning a trip to the Los Angeles Temple on March 1st if anyone is interested in joining us.

It was really hard to get myself out of bed this morning for the World Wide Leadership Training, but I did it nonetheless. I made it to the stake center with a few minutes to spare and discovered that they were having all sorts of technical difficulties. Sister Dowden tried to get me to go help, but I just didn’t want to get involved. They finally got the satellite feed going, but they were having problems playing back the recorded feed as they were trying to delay the broadcast an hour. We ended up just watching the second half and we will catch up on the first part later. It was all good, but it seems like the same old stuff. I guess that means we have more work to be done and need to continue to raise the bar to make better homes and wards.

After the broadcast I went out to breakfast with the Dowden’s and then went to work for a few hours. I got things together for the board meeting, took care of some emails and then came home. I was debating about going for a bikeride or taking a nap. I was planning on getting through the mail and receipts. I accomplished none of the above and I’m not really sure why. I did get pictures posted and started catching up on some of the news.

I found out that my Sunday School teachers are leaving me left and right tonight. Not only am I loosing Stephanie in two months, but Marissa and Kyle are leaving. Stephanie, the amazing Stephanie, is stepping in for Marissa tomorrow, so I’m going to owe her something big that is yet to be determined. Here is one more thing I was going to do today that we can mark off as not getting done. That would be getting to bed early, so I’m going to work on finishing this up and trying to get to sleep before 11.

MSN Direct Woes

I decided to sleep in this morning. I actually woke up before six, but it was about 7:30 before I was able to get myself out of bed! I had a productive day at the office and got my work email down to 6 messages! My to do list is still growing, but many of them I am waiting on time or other people to be able to check off.

Institute tonight was good. When we first started the class I thought our pace was a little slow and we were getting a little too detailed, but I am really enjoying the pace and the detail now. Things I never know or never realized are becoming so much clearer to me. Sister Dowden does a great job leading the discussions.

Larilyn, Maegan and I went out to BJ’s after Institute because Maegan was starving and neither of them had been there before. We’re checking things off her list of things to do almost as fast as we’re adding them!

I finally got this MSN Direct service working on my Nuvi 680. It took two phones calls to them this morning and a reset of the cord/antenna. It could have been the reset that did it or it could have been the switch between markets that did it as well. (We changed it from Riverside to San Diego.) I then quickly learned that while you have access to all markets, you really only get one market’s data at a time. For example, if you’re at home in Fallbrook (San Diego market) and are planning a drive to somewhere in Los Angeles, it won’t know anything about the LA market until after you have travelled into it. I’ve also discovered that the service is really not that great. I have full coverage in my house, but next to nothing in my car around town. Apparently I got enough coverage somewhere along the line to get some traffic information for LA because when I got home tonight I found that I had freeway speeds for LA, the problem is I don’t know how old they were! It sounds like they really need to find a way to integrate both the FM Traffic and the MSN Direct service simultaneously into the device. Most people would probably even pay for twice the annual fees if they knew they could actually get data that would help them while driving.

Well, enough of a rant there, I’m off to bed! Tomorrow… WICKED!