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Minneapolis Day 3

I’m so exhausted, I’m thinking about just going to bed and not even writing tonight. I really need to not stay up so late! I’ll try and keep it short. I’m still enjoying the beautiful colors and weather out here. Still learning a lot in class and having fun here.

We went over to the Mall for dinner at some Italian place which was really good. I came home (is it bad that I’m calling the hotel home?) and worked. I had to do payroll and figured I’d try and take care of some other things while I was in there. I really don’t have anything life shattering to share, so I think I’m going to call it quits while I’m ahead and before I get sidetracked.

Good night!

Beautiful Minneapolis

Hello again from beautiful Minneapolis. Things are cooling down here and starting to get really beautiful. It probably is a good thing I didn’t bring my camera, cause I’d probably be outside freezing right now trying to take pictures of something. Heck, I probably would have gotten lost exploring and needed to geotag my pictures to find my way back.

I’ve been learning a lot. I don’t think I had ever really grasped how powerful this stuff is. I’ve known about a lot of the features, but I think I always figured you needed more to make things work. We haven’t even gotten into NetMax and have only been playing with the cards in the RL amps. I’ve been starting to ponder what I’m going to do for my project. It makes sense to do a real job that we have coming up, but I also kind of want to tackle the church buildings as they are pretty complicated for a ceiling speaker system. I’d like to see what I come up with before seeing how they actually do them and see if I’m any good.

I went to the Mall of America tonight for dinner. I was going to try the Twin City Grill, but they had a wait so I decided to try Kokomo’s. I had their tidal wave fettuccine alfredo. It was good, but definitely not the traditional dish like from Macaroni Grill. Next time I’d probably try the Bahama Burger.

I came back to the hotel and watched What Happens in Vegas. I thought it was pretty funny and of course believe that people can work to love each other once they get their mind straight. I don’t understand why it is so hard for some people to see sometimes. I guess we all have problems seeing what is right in front of us.

I did the WM 6.1 update on my phone tonight as well. So far it seems like things are working.

Now, as usual, I’ve been up too late, chatting online. Thanks Melissa!

Ahead of Schedule

Ahead of Schedule

We had the concluding session of stake conference this morning. I got there about 45 minutes early and the chapel was already full. I knew I should have kept sleeping this morning! I can’t think of anything major that I learned from conference today, but I was thinking about the testimonies that people kept bearing. I totally kept thinking last night I was going to get called up, so maybe that’s why I’ve been thinking about it so much lately. I probably don’t give mine often enough, which is also probably why it isn’t very eloquent. I did enjoy conference even if I was a bit squirmy in the hard seats. I think I’m going to bring my own recliner next time!

I high tailed it out of there to get things finished up for the trip. I really didn’t like having the business trip on my mind during conference or really having to deal with it today, but sometimes things have to be done. I think I learned some patience though and that things will work out on the Lord’s timeline, mine isn’t important. It did seem like I kept hitting things talking about keeping the Sabbath day holy and such and I felt like I was really letting the Lord down today. There are probably bigger things I should be worrying about, but I guess it’s a start.

In any event, I had a good drive to LAX and made it there with plenty of time to go. I had thoughts about calling people about home teaching, but I didn’t feel the airport was a good place to be doing it so after a few calls I stopped. I also remembered I needed to send out the branch weekly email which sidetracked me too. The flight ended up being overbooked and they were looking for people to bump. I guess since we had a full flight, we were able to get going early and there was practically no wait for takeoff at LAX. We ended up arriving almost half an hour early which is great since it’s after midnight here now. I sat next to a doctor and we talked for a good portion of the flight. We talked about prop 8 and what is already happening. We really agreed on a lot of things which was pretty cool.

The hotel here has improved since last time. I guess the remodel did them good. They’ve got new suites with 32″ LCDs, granite countertops in the bathrooms, a good size work area and more. I’m impressed. Let’s just hope breakfast has improved as well. If not, I’ll be hitting up the IHOP again. Well, I should get to sleep as I need to be up in less than 6 hours, I think. Maybe I should find the itinerary again and double check.

First Day

Yesterday seems like it was so far away now. I didn’t get to sleep early like I was hoping to last night. I totally felt like I was getting ready for my first day of school. I kept finding things that I needed to do or things that needed to be prepared. I also really wanted to watch the first episode of Knight Rider, so I did that which kept me downstairs until 9:30 or so with everything else I kept finding to do.

Things were great this morning. I got to see all the secret rooms of the temple, except for engineering and the roof access. I think engineering was the one place I really wanted to go. Maybe I can apply for a job there.

I was pretty tired by the time I got to work today. We did accomplish one major thing and that was spending lots of my money so I can go to Maui in November. Now we’ve got the first trip, so we can buy in additional ones or figure out something else.

I think I’m going to cut out early tonight and hopefully catch up on some sleep from my restless night last night.

No SF This Weekend

I’m really tired, so I should make this fast which means it will probably be really long. I think I’ve been fighting something all week now which has just been bringing me down. Maybe Krystal needs to find a new human garbage disposal or I need to find somewhere else to lay blame as she probably has nothing to do with it.

Work was alright today. I still have a lot to do tomorrow, so it is probably a good thing that I’m most likely not going to San Francisco this weekend. I discovered that there are tons of people coming to Connie & Michael’s thing, so they wouldn’t miss me and Brooke’s dad is coming into town to spend some time with her this weekend. Looks like I’ll be picking a new weekend which will allow me to spend more time doing the things I need to be doing around here. Frank should be moving in on Saturday as well, so it would probably be good to be here for that.

I went to the Murrieta Chamber Mixer tonight. It went well. I met a few new people. Although not quite the number I as hoping for, it was good. I learned about a wedding venue in French Valley that I hadn’t heard of before and will have to come check out.

It was great to have institute back again finally. I missed it last month! I needed to have read ahead and reviewed so I was better prepared though tonight. After instiute, Maegan and Larilyn came over and had dinner and then birthday cake. Zach came over and joined us and we talked about making calls for this weekend as well as home teaching. We have a lot of work to do to help our branch get 100% home teaching this month.

I really need to get to sleep!

To San Francisco?

Today was a bit quieter than the past has been. Granted, that was probably only because our email was down for part of the day and we have yet to receive some of those messages.

We had a BBQ tonight at the Clegg’s. It was fun, but I spent all my time taking pictures and debating if I should go to San Francisco this weekend.

Since Connie & Michael are having their anniversary party this weekend, I thought that maybe it would be a good time to come up and see Brooke. Of course, we have a few things going on here as well that could use being dealt with, I was thinking a good weekend away could be good for me as well.

Sounds like I’m probably not going this weekend, but will soon. And I think I’ll have to go back in the spring to see Wicked!

I just learned that Krystal’s airing on the price is right is the week that I’m in Minneapolis! What are the chances of something like that happening? The other thing is that since she wasn’t going to be here, it probably wasn’t going to be a big deal, but now that she is staying, it probably will be a big deal and I’m going to be 2,000 miles away. I guess I’ll have the opportunity to watch it earlier though since I’ll be two hours ahead.

I was informed that Maegan is coming over for her birthday celebration after institute tomorrow night. I guess I have to bake a cake.

Did you like my random thoughts? I think my brain must have shut down or something. Maybe I got up too early this morning or maybe I’ve just gone into shock from actually making a real breakfast (french toast) this morning when it was still dark outside.

Dotting the Map » Cell Phone Usage on Commercial Airlines Banned For Good- For Now

I second your thoughts Hilarye. It is bad enough to get stuck between two large men on a flight in the middle seat. Can you imagine if they were both talking on the phone the whole time, or if the whole flight was? I imagine that just text messaging would be bad enough since most people can’t figure out how to actually put their phones in silent.

Dotting the Map » Blog Archive » Cell Phone Usage on Commercial Airlines Banned For Good- For Now

I just have one question. Why is it that people can’t seem to control their volume when they are talking on the phone? I for one don’t want the whole world being part of my conversations typically, but I know lots of people that always get loud when they get on the phone. Is it cause we can’t see the person that we think we have to talk louder?

St. Paul MN Temple Photos

This is really just another test trying to figure out the new gallery feature in WP 2.5.1. It looks like I can’t easily change the layout of the page, so I am stuck with the default 150×150 tumbnail size. Assuming this works of course…

The New Delta, Merging With Northwest Airlines Makes It The World’s Largest Carrier

Delta and the other large carriers need to get off their large rear ends and figure out the reason why they can’t make any money is because they don’t have an effective plan in place. I finally figured this out when I was one of 11 people on board a 737 from SLC to JFK a few months ago. We got off the plane to transfer to another. The flight we transferred to was on the same plane we just deboarded from and we didn’t leave for four hours. Now, I realize that you can’t have flights at all hours of the day, and they can’t all be fully stocked, but this was in early morning when I believe the demand for flights is fairly high.  Southwest would never leave a plane sitting on the ground for that long. They could also examine this stupid standby policy and realize that the incremental revenue from one customer getting on the plane is infinitely greater than the incremental cost of that customer.

The New Delta, Merging With Northwest Airlines Makes It The World’s Largest Carrier
Also, I think we have to keep in mind that as long as the government doesn’t go messing everything up, economics will rule as long as their is enough compeition. I think there is more than enough now, so a few mergers shouldn’t hurt. Companies like SouthWest and JetBlue are the ones that are going to win when Delta tries to double their airfares thinking they won’t have any competition.

For the record, the only reason I don’t fly Southwest and JetBlue more often is because of either their timing of flights or lack of direct flights. JetBlue seems to have flights at the opposite end of the day from when I want one and it seems with Southwest you can’t go anywhere without going through a hub in Vegas or Phoenix which triples the flight time!

St. Paul Temple

It’s late and while I wanted to skip this, I think I should probably just get it going. We finished up the training yesterday spending some more time with Midas and then went outside to hear the Cobra system and some other pieces. We hung out for a while and then I drove to the St. Paul Temple. It was weird with it being in a totally almost invisible location. I couldn’t even see it until I was there and saw it sticking out like a beautiful white temple in the midst of old red brick buildings. Things went well there, although the workers outnumbered those in attendance by well more than I could count and I think they were all gone when I left. The place was deserted, it was really weird, but nice to just sit there all alone.

The flights home went well. We managed to get exit row seats on both flights, which was way better than the seats we had on the first flight in the last few rows. I was getting really antsy on the first flight, but had no where to go. Our flight back to Ontario was mostly empty so it helped that there wasn’t people squished in everywhere.

I slept till 10 or 11 this morning and then went to work. I was actually able to get caught up on most of my email as well as the snail mail and should be able to finish up and get back on track tomorrow.

Mall of America

Today went went through a lot of Dynacord products and briefly touch on Midas and KT. I think some of the things we talked about were way above the level that most MI people are or that they may aspire to be at, but it is good information for them to know. The unfortunate part is that some of it is quite dry, like how to compare an amplifier and why you can’t just rely on some spec such as watts to really determine the best purchase to make.

We ran a little late, so I didn’t get back in time to get my car, so I’ll have to deal with it in the morning which means I now need to get up even earlier. Nathaniel and I went to the mall this evening to check things out. I really wasn’t impressed with the Mall of America. If you take away the amusement park, the theater and restaurants you really just have a mall. My only guess is that people here in Minnesota don’t want to have to go outside when it is cold and want to spend as much of the day/time as possible inside one building. I guess going to one place where you can eat dinner, watch a movie and then do some shopping could be attractive to some people, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the extras there, I guess i was just expecting more. There did seem to be some stores that you maybe wouldn’t see in a typical mall (I’m no expert). I think we have such a variety of stores already in our California malls that it just doesn’t seem too different here.

The Apple store was old school style, with a theater and actual registers. I tried to take a picture, but the manager stopped me telling me that they don’t allow pictures in the store. What kind of marketing is that? Is there something secret about their stores? Do they not want me to promote their stores and products?

MI Training

The MI (Musical Instrument) training went well today. This morning was really good with a review of audio math and tidbit information, presented by Chris. This afternoon was spent primarily going through products that we already knew about and had been using, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a refresher course on some products that had been forgotten about, overlook or misunderstood before. I’m thinking this could be a great investment for other people in the company to come back and see. I understand that later in the week they are going to make us role play and try out sales techniques as well. I’m not sure if they will necessarily apply to us since we aren’t MI, but sometimes the pieces will fit in our puzzle as well as theirs.

I didn’t see anyone from EV today that we weren’t already working with in the training, but was thinking that I need to track down Guy and Sue to at least introduce myself in person while I am here. We had a good time hanging out with the guys both at the factory and then tonight at two bars/clubs in downtown. At the first one we had dinner and then went to the second one for a live band. Unfortunately I don’t remember the names, but the dinner joint was at the end of the of the train line and the other one was a good few blocks from there.

I ended up walking from the live music venue back to the train and then riding the train back to the Mall of America in order to get some time in on the phone, get some fresh air, get out of the club and experience some more of Minneapolis. It didn’t end up really saving me any time as I only got back about 20-30 minutes before the guys did on the bus, but at least now I can say I rode the train (not that I know what it is called). Happy Birthday Amanda!

Now I really need to get to sleep so I can get up in six hours for another fun filled day. I’ll be getting a car tomorrow after the training and I believe we have the evening off so we’ll see what kind of trouble we can’t cause on our own. I think it is worth reporting that I was thinking earlier today that we were either going home tonight or tomorrow, so I guess I’m just not used to these longer trips! Where’s Tara when I need her?

Hello from Minneapolis

We made it to Minneapolis today and it was fairly uneventful. I just didn’t really like traveling on Sunday, but I guess there wasn’t much of a better option.  I am disappointed that I missed conference, but I know I can and will catch up as soon as they post the materials online. The flights were packed, but it was ok for me both times. On the second flight my reading light kept flickering on and off as it so desired, so it made reading hard as it got darker, but I was able to get some good time in. I didn’t really get to talk to anyone on the planes. The girl I sat next to the first time was sleeping the whole time and the woman the second time had headphones in before I even got on the plane.

It is on the colder side her, but not too bad from the little bit I saw. The hotel seems alright. We sat and talked at the get together at TGI Friday’s once we got here and got to know some of the people we will be spending the next few days with. I guess we will just see what comes tomorrow.

I was kind of thinking about trying to find someone else to do tomorrow while everyone goes bar/club hopping. I was thinking maybe I could find an FHE group and hang out with them, but maybe I will give the guys a chance and can always take a taxi out when things get bad.

If anyone knows of things that absolutely need to be done while I am in Minneapolis, MN, please let me know so I can make sure to do them. So far the only things on my list are the St. Paul Minnesota Temple and the Mall of America.

Live Free or Die Hard

I just finished watching Live Free or Die Hard. It was pretty good, I just gave it 5 stars at Netflix. Maybe I was just in the mood for action, or maybe it was really a good movie, but I recommend it. It really is scary if you think about what someone could do if they tapped into all of our systems. I know what a nightmare it is when my email doesn’t work for a few hours. Think if it was down for good and you couldn’t work on it while you were sitting in total gridlock traffic!

Do you ever wonder how different life would be if it weren’t for little decisions that we make along the way? I have seriously drifted away from the computer side of things and could be doing so many different things if I had pursed that. Heck, I could have been one of those guys in the movie hacking into things or I could have been someone working against them. I have to think back to what Glen used to say, that’d I’d be one of those making over $1M a year within two years. And look at where I have gone. I’m not saying I have regrets or anything, I just think it is interested to ponder what if sometimes. What if I had stayed in Idaho? What if I was still working at Fallbrook High today? There is a lot to be said for where I am right now, but there is always the lure of something different, something unknown, something more exciting.

This was an interesting week. I didn’t write much, nor did I spent too much time pondering. I really didn’t do much, at least not much that would really be interesting. It looks like I last wrote Monday, so I’ll pick it up from Tuesday where I made it home early enough to go for a bikeride before it got dark. It was great and I’m really glad that I actually did it instead of just sitting around and talking about it all the time. Wednesday I went to the activity at church, foosball which was fairly fun. I just took pictures, and then tried to stay alive when it turned into a crazy soccer game. Thursday I skipped institute to get home and to sleep early so I could be up really early Friday to be in the 6 o’clock session at the temple. It was good to spend the day there and the place was packed. At one point we had more people than would fit in one room, so we had to split up into two groups, and there were probably others that were on a different track already. After the temple I went to BJ’s for Brooke’s birthday party.

I rested most of today, watching TV and just hanging out at the house. I was beat from getting up so early the day before and just the week in general I think. I was thinking that when I go back to Minnesota a week from now, I should make it a point of getting to the St. Paul Temple. I called them today and they’ve got sessions at 6 & 7 p.m. on Tuesday as well as a few Wednesday afternoon. I’m hoping I can make it to one of them somehow. I haven’t figured out the details yet, but hopefully it will all come together. I need to find out what our itinerary is going to be like and see where I can squeeze a session in.

Outlook on Outlook

I woke up around 6 this morning and wasn’t even really tired. I think I’m getting back to normal, which I love. I kept myself busy at the office, which was good. It wasn’t too hectic and I was able to cross a lot of things off of my to do list or at least progress forward with them. Exchange is only showing 16 overdue tasks now, cut well over half from what it was this morning.

I discovered yesterday that Outlook has a few features that have really won me over. It almost pains me to say this, but Microsoft has really gotten their act together with Outlook and it is much improved from previous versions. What really won me over the other day was when I was adding flights to my calendar and I was able to set different starting and ending timezones! I can’t believe that no other device has let me do this before because it seems so natural. Apple’s iCal does this weird thing with floating timezones, but that doesn’t really accomplish the job, it just allows you to make your flight when your phone changes timezones.

Another thing I have just started playing with, but makes total sense in Outlook is the ability to have recurring tasks. There are so many tasks that have never made my to do list because they were things that needed to be done on a weekly basis. With the ability to actually have the task repeat I can actually keep better track of things that I need to do and it will help me budget my time more effectively.

Now, that isn’t to say that Outlook isn’t without it’s own fair share of problems, but I’m starting to think it really is the way to go. Windows Mobile needs some serious improvements, primarily in the speed department, but there is no debate that the way the device works is almost like a miracle compared with other devices that have to be manually synced on occasion. If the combination can help me work so much better I can only imagine how much more productive it could make someone with a busier schedule or who is on the road more than me.

I left work a bit early this afternoon to go help Don get his email setup on his laptop before he goes to Hawaii in a few months. The VPN just makes things so easy. I was literally done with his request in a matter of minutes and then worked on some other things that he had on his list. I almost went to Disneyland, but Christa and Batch backed out at the last minute – literally. I had my bags packed and computer basically shut down when they decided they no longer wanted to go. It was good that we didn’t go through because I’m sure with spring break it would have been busy and I thoroughly enjoyed my quiet evening at home.

i was able to get caught up with reading blogs and such, enjoyed a nutritious dinner (cake) and then watched The Da Vinci code. I was a bit worried at first, but the movie turned out really good and was quite interesting. I don’t think I have anything on the agenda for this weekend, but I’m hoping that I can be productive. There is a lot that needs to be done around the house, so hopefully I can put my time to good use.

Tara would be proud of me this week. I think I only went out to eat twice – lunch on Monday and dinner on Wednesday! That might possibly be a new record. I brought lunch on Tuesday (soup) after forgetting on Monday. On Wednesday, I was rushing to get out of the house to catch Alison before she got to work and forgot to get lunch as well, but I decided to stop at the grocery store on the way in and get stuff to make lunch, so I’m stocked for a few more days still. Not only have I been eating at the office, but I have been at work everyday since Tuesday before 9!