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Hot Weddings

It was way too hot to be doing weddings today. Actually, I guess it wasn’t that bad; I’m just not used to it and don’t prefer it. It also didn’t help that I was doing two of them back to back instead of just taking care of one venue. It all went well, although I could tell I was a bit rusty and a bit taxed with the two venues. All went well though. If you know of someone with some sound experience that would be interested in doing sound for weddings and things along those lines, please let me know as we need an extra hand to keep up with demand.

I pretty much wasted the rest of the day away watching TV. On the plus side I’ve caught up on a lot of episodes of Without a Trace and Cold Case and also learned some interesting new facts for me to use as useless tidbits at the next party I attend! There actually was an interesting show on this morning about building a bridge over the Bearing Sea, from Alaska to Russia (or whatever is over there). The big problems are the distance it would span, where it is being built, the cost of such a project and, oh yeah, the fact that it would be hit by glaciers!

I think it is time to cut back the TV and find more useful activities…

A Year

I stayed home all day today. Well, I guess that isn’t completely true. I never got in my car today. I did go for a bikeride this morning. I wasn’t smart enough to do it earlier in the morning when it was cool. No, I managed to get sidetracked enough so that I didn’t leave the house until after 10 when it was in the lower seventies. It quickly got to eighty which is about twenty degrees outside of my comfort level. I probably didn’t take as many or as long of rest stops as I should have, so I started really paying for it as I was getting closer to home. That kind of lead me to sitting around and listening to music for a while.

I was thinking of all the things that I could do today. There really were so many good options. I thought about getting my taxes done, cleaning the house, reading, going out and having fun. I didn’t get the taxes done, but I did get through the mail and get a corner of my desk cleaned off, which felt good to me. I’m not exactly sure where most of the day went. I didn’t spend too much time on facebook or playing on the internet and yet I can’t figure out where the day went. I did get Susan’s new ReplayTV setup, so once she watches all the programs on her old one I can stop paying for that on a monthly basis.

I also spent some time getting things together to shuffle as much money as possible to paying off  my car each month so hopefully I can speed up the repayment of the loan and save some money in the process. I was thinking a while back that it would be nice to not have the car payment when purchasing a house, but I don’t see any way that it is going to get paid off before that happens if I am to buy soon. I do know that every little bit counts, so therefore I’m going to do what I can instead of just talking about it. I think it may be time to do some housecleaning and get rid of all these accounts that are holding small sums of money that could be put to better use.

My mom passed on a year ago today. Some days it seems like it was so long ago now, yet others it feels just like it was yesterday. Actually I was driving down the road the other day and I thought about something I wanted to call her about. I guess it takes a long time to teach an old dog new tricks. In the last year I made way too many trips to Tucson taking care of the estate and things. I still have things sitting here in my room that I have done nothing with. Does that show how much of a slacker I really am? I guess some part of me hasn’t wanted to deal with things because it would put closure on it and also for the reason that I’m going to move eventually and why bother with it twice?

How much life has changed in a single year… And yet how much is still the same…

Thinking back I guess i should have gone to the temple today. I had actually been thinking about it earlier in the week, but not for that reason, just because it has been a while since I have been. I rationalized that since I will be setting aside a day next week I didn’t need to make the trip this week as well. Probably not the best decision I could have come too, but there are certainly worse things I could have been doing today. Well, I think I’m going to go to bed so I can get a good start tomorrow instead of sleeping all morning. Good night!

Feeling Better

I made it to the office again this morning before 9 and actually am feeling pretty good about it. I think getting myself going in the morning has been helping me to not feel as tired. I’m certainly still feeling tired; I just think it is better now.

It was a fairly typical day at the office. It was still busy, but it wasn’t crazy like it has been which was nice. Maybe I can get caught up tomorrow.

Institute went well tonight, but I was a bit fidgety. No CSI or Without a Trace tonight, so I think I’m going to make it to sleep early. Ticketmaster did sidetrack me into purchasing tickets for Bon Jovi at the Honda Center though tonight. I probably didn’t really need them and may end up selling them later but figured it probably wouldn’t be a horrible investment tonight.

And on that note, I’m going to bed!

Life in the Fast Lane

It was kind of an interesting day today. I felt like I was running around playing catchup, something I haven’t had to do for a while. Shortly after I was in the office this morning we started realizing that we hadn’t done a good job time-lining the next couple days/weeks and that there was a little less tim there than everyone was expecting. Things weren’t on people’s calendars, so I was booking them and myself for other things without realizing what was really going on. So, I had fun working on putting all sorts of events on people’s calendars and trying to figure out how the next two weeks were going to work out.

Somewhere along the line in dealing with trucking and prepping shows, it was realized that someone needed to go to Vista to pickup some gear. We were going to have Enterprise deliver a van, but I got to thinking that maybe it would make sense for me to drive Batch down there so he could pickup the gear and get the van. As usual, what I was really thinking about was food, which helped tip the scales. We went to Fudds for lunch before going to visit Sandy and Enterprise.

As we were leaving Murrieta, we heard on Murrieta Fire’s tactical frequency them talking about arranging trucks so they were in 1, 2, 3, 4 order. We couldn’t figure out what the heck this was for since that is usually the last thing on someone’s mind. When we got on the 15 at Winchester, we found about four engines parked on the overpass with lights flashing and firefighters standing on top. The same was true at the next two bridges and then we shortly saw a caravan lead by CHP with Murrieta Police and Murrieta Fire units. I found out tonight that one of the Murrieta Fire captains recently died in a hospital in San Diego and they were bringing his body back to Murrieta. It sounds like he picked up a parasite fighting recent wildfires.

Back in the office we got right back to work trying to make everything fit in the day. Nathaniel was prepping a show, I was working on admin stuff and Batch was just trying to keep his head above water. A lot got done today though, that’s for sure. I stayed late and got the taxes pretty much done. I just need to look them over in the morning for any typos or other mistakes and print off some final copies before putting them in the mail.

It was late when I got home tonight, so I’m pretty much just getting ready for bed and trying to wind down from the high paced office today. It’s a good thing I’ve got so many reruns of Without a Trace to watch…

In Early

I actually made it to the office a few minutes early this morning which was nice. I just like the feeling of not being late. Batch and I were able to finish up inventory from a while ago and I was able to make progress on a few other fronts. We finished off the cake, with some help from Melissa and that was about the day. I came home, spent time online and watching reruns of Without a Trace and Cold Case while fussing around on the Internet.

Lazy Bum

My life has just been pretty darn boring lately. It’s probably my doing. I guess I just needed a break from the craziness. I was home for dinner Wednesday through Friday! Things got crazy at the office with Tara gone Thursday and especially Friday with Tara gone. I spent way too much time watching television lately, I feel like a bum and yet that is about the only thing I feel like doing. As soon as I get done writing here I will watch the new made for TV Knight Rider movie and then it will probably be off to bed.

Sadly I can’t really think of anything worth writing. I haven’t really come up with what we are going to do tomorrow night for teacher development. It’s going to be more of a discussion/question & answer session than a necessary lesson so hopefully I don’t need to do too much prep, but I do need to come up with some questions and my answers to them. We’re probably only going to have 30-45 minutes so we may not make it through more than a few questions if everyone participates, but preparedness is really the name of the game. I’m probably not setting the best example here, but I have been thinking about it a lot which I think definitely counts for something.

Well, I guess I’ll stop boring ya all now and get on with Knight Rider…

Carino’s with Alison

Today was fairly quiet at the office. It was just Tara and I. I think we did a good job handling everything that kept coming in and got the stuff we needed to get done done. I got payroll done way before the deadline which is odd for me especially since I got a late start after going to the GT this morning to hook up an iPod and make iTunes happy.

So much for my quiet evening at home: Alison and I went out to Johnny Carino’s tonight. I was getting ready to leave the office when she called and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do since there were no dinner plans at home, so I was happy to hear from her. I had to spend some more time waiting at the office, but I got to clean some things up and go through some pictures to order prints from Costco. The prints won’t be ready till the morning, but at least I’m a step closer than I have been. I couldn’t believe the wait we found at Macaroni Grill, so I decided to call Olive Garden and Carino’s. The wait was about half the time it was at Mac, so we went there. I didn’t have lunch so i was stating and seriously ready for some food. The M&M’s could only take me so far.

Now I think I’m off to bed. I’m hoping to get up early enough for President Hinckley’s funeral in the morning and then am thinking about a trip to the temple. Maybe I’ll go early enough to enjoy an evening at home tomorrow… Maybe if I had the BYU channel I could watch the funeral from home instead of going to the stake center, but I don’t think I can justify $50/month for Dish or DirecTV just to get the BYU channel which I would probably watch about as much as I watch the other 200 TV channels I already have.

Hot Date with a Domain Controller

Well let’s see. I was at the office till almost three this morning because I got some crazy idea to wipe our domain in order to fix a few problems were were having. Most of it worked well. Exchange is now happy and quickbooks is working except we have some annoyances due to the programs lack of support for accounts without administrative rights. I spent today continuing to clean up the mess Batch and I left last night and making sure I was on top of the other actual office work.

I missed the activity at church last night which I hear wasn’t very well attended. I need to get better at going again and if nothing else showing my support. I did make it to institute tonight which was great as always.

Maybe I can get a good night sleep and actually enjoy an evening to myself for the first time in a while tomorrow. I enjoyed watching CSI this evening. Since I’m so far behind I wouldn’t even know the difference between a rerun and a new episode! I did recognize the episode of Without a Trace, though this was probably a good thing since it allowed me to turn off the TV and maybe get to bed a bit earlier than I would have if I was glued to the tube.

So I see the CA DMV has a cool new printer that fits inside an envelope! I got my car registration today, dated as issued 1/31/08 – today! I was thinking that was some great delivery time for snail mail if they could manage to get it out sameday, but then i saw that the envelope was postmarked on the 29th. Does that mean they figured out how to fit a printer into a tiny envelope to issue the registration on the date of receipt or do they have some crazy method to estimate the delivery date and use that as the issue date? Does any of this make any sense? Why not just print the date it was printed on it and put it in the mail?

Mysterious GT Outing

I enjoyed sleeping in this morning and doing a lot of nothing today. I did upgrade wordpress on my site this morning (afternoon) so it now supports tags and will allow people to register. I had the register feature turned off because I was getting registration spams, but I was able to find an easy to install captcha to hopefully solve that problem. It seems to be working so far, and as a demonstration of how many registrations I get, I got one during the time it took me to setup the captcha which was less than ten minutes!

I also enjoyed looking at information on the upcoming Knight Rider movie. Matthew made me think they were going to be bringing back episodes, but it is just a made for TV movie. I’m sure it won’t be nearly as good as the original, but I will enjoy it nonetheless.

Tonight was the GT annual employee outing. Desoree invited me on Wednesday, so there wasn’t much planning that went into it on my side, but they have been planning it for a while. They kept the destinations a surprise which was interesting and probably a good idea at the same time. We ended up going to Ruth Chris on the San Diego Bay and then going to Kearny Mesa Bowl for two hours of bowling.

I had never been to Ruth Chris before so it was great to go. I don’t think I got invited two years ago when they went (we aren’t technically employees of GT so we don’t get the notices). The food was good, but the service wasn’t that great. I’m sure some of that was due to the party size (50 people), but I ordered a drink twice which I never got and it just seemed to take forever to get the food around.

Bowling was good. I hadn’t been bowling in years, possibly over a decade because I only remember doing it in Kansas and there is no mention of it ever on my blog! I actually did fairly well, at least compared to many of those in our party with scores in the low hundreds. I was getting really tired during the second game, but my technique was getting better so my scores remained about the same. Mark could really get the ball down the lane, so much that I don’t even think it spun on the way down most of the time. I wouldn’t have wanted to get in the way of that ball. Desoree was doing the grandma bowl: walking up to the line and then tossing the ball between her legs. Don did pretty good and ended up with the second highest score I believe. Jeremiah’s fiance beat everyone with a 150-something score.

I must hand it to GT for always putting forth a great effort in their parties. They’re looking for ideas for next year, and I’m always up for ideas of things to do for CBC, so what ideas do you think would be good?

I guess it’s a good thing I’ve spent so much time sleeping this week because these past two days have been rough. I’m looking forward to another good night’s sleep tonight…