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Steal a Yes on 8 Sign – 1 year in Jail

I totally think I saw some lady this morning going to steal a YES on 8 sign near the San Diego Temple. I should have stopped and taken pictures, but I wasn’t thinking clearly at 6 o’clock on the morning I guess.

So, even though it is over now, something to keep in mind. Steal a sign, get a year in jail or pay $1,000. I wonder if that is per incidence…

YouTube – more arrests for stealing Yes on 8 signs

YouTube – “Home Invasion” Prop 8 #yeson8

This is a total joke. Yes, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have donated money to protect marriage, something we believe in strongly. I also believe that much more money has been donated to the no on 8 campaign. Is there something wrong with Google standing out against Prop 8? How about Apple donating $100,000? Why is it OK for people to donate to and support the no campaign but not the yes campaign?

Truth is, Prop 8 won’t take away any rights. The US govt won’t accept same-sex unions, so the same rights are given in a civil union as in a marriage. This is an attack on religion. I believe this is an example of what is to come if prop 8 fails tomorrow. Those asking for tolerance are not capable of showing any tolerance themselves and have stooped so low to attack a church that is a first responder in almost every emergency and natural disaster. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a huge giver to the community with big involvement in most humanitarian efforts.

YouTube – “Home Invasion”: Prop 8

I implore you to join me and vote YES on Prop 8 tomorrow. If you’re afraid of a small percentage of Mormon’s impacting your government and state, I tremble to think of what the opponents of prop 8 have in store for you. This video just shows a glimpse of the deception they are capable of.

Shift Happens – Did You Know 2.0

Another link I found from Joel Dehlin that turned out to be quite interesting:

YouTube – Did You Know 2.0

This reminded me of a video we watched in my Leadership Class at CSU Fullerton. It is mind boggling how some things change the world. We really do need to prepare for the future and we have to solve the problems we created years before with new thinking.

The world is changing rapidly and not just with technology. The United States is not going to be #1 forever and we’re probably going to have some interesting changes ahead of us.

Let’s try and leave the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Please.