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Why I’m For Red Light Cameras

I didn’t used to be for red light cameras. I thought they increased rear-end collisions and that it was taking us to a police state where we were being watched by camera to increase revenues for police departments and so forth. Then, one day I was sitting at the corner of Murrieta Hot Springs and I-215 after getting off the freeway. I was waiting to turn right and my light turned green. No fewer than six cars PER LANE kept going through the light, long after their light turned RED and past the buffer period between when their light goes red and mine goes green.

Without the police presence, people think they can just cheat the system and go through as long as no other cars were coming. Unfortunately, we can’t always see everything that is going on. What if there was a car just getting off the freeway that saw the green light and went through at full speed? There is a high chance that one of the other cars thinking they could cheat the system would have t-boned the car with the green light and caused a major accident, possibly even causing death. To me each of these dozen plus people should have been cited to encourage them to follow the rules in the future!

Red light cameras are a cheaper and more efficient way to police critical traffic laws. Our police presence can be better used elsewhere instead of monitoring for a clear violation. There is no disputing when someone runs the red light, they have no need to face their accuser and there is video evidence in the event that there was some kind of equipment failure.

While red light cameras may cause more people to be cautious of running red lights and therefore increase rear end collisions, these are not nearly as bad a broadside collisions that are more likely to cause the loss of life. Regardless, we all should be stopping for red lights and not trying to rush to the next light. There is a reason your light is red and it is commonly because someone else’s is green.

According to an article in today’s UT Californian red light violations have dropped from 3,150 per month to 85 after the installation of the red light camera at MHS and Whitewood.

The article also quoted Diana Serafin:

“It’s not going to stop a drunk driver; it’s not going to stop a texting driver, it’s not going to stop someone reaching over to get something,” she said. “They are going to do it anyway.”

While I agree with her statement, each of these violators clearly needs to be caught as they are breaking the law, in many cases in more than one way. They need to learn the consequence of their actions. Red light cameras do not take away someone’s agency, it just causes them to understand the consequences of their actions. Regardless of an accident occurring, they should still be held liable.

The Divine Institution of Marriage

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just released a full statement on the marriage proposition (Proposition 8) which aims to amend the Constitution of the State of California to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

I don’t have much to say on the matter other than we need to do all we can to support this and I probably haven’t been doing all that I can do. California voters already voted eight years ago that marriage should be between a man and a woman and four judges from San Francisco possibly put their own interests above that of the voters and ruled that unconstitutional. We need to turn out and vote to make sure this proposition is passed so we can protect marriage.

The Church and this proposition are not against gays. This measure is not intended to attack or take away rights as some may incorrectly believe. We are simply trying to define marriage as being a union between a man and a woman, as ordained by God. Gays will still have the rights they have as far as domestic partnerships, the advantages of tax law, etc. We are worried about what will happen if marriage is not clearly defined. What will our kids be taught in school? How is the next generation going to be raised? What are they going to be learning?

Please get educated and pray about the appropriate action to take on this measure. This document from the Church is a great resource to start to understand what is at stake.

The Divine Institution of Marriage – LDS Newsroom

I only recently came to understand how serious this measure is. Some have asked about the seperation of church and state on this issue. First, I think that when government tries to interfere with a religious institution or right such as marriage, the state has already gotten things messed up. However, it was pointed out to me that even if this is as issue that should be separated, that simply shows how much this means that The Church and other churches are willing to cross that line to do all that they can to support this proposition.

Vote Yes on Proposition 8 to protect marriage in California this November.