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Heartland, I Loved Her First Lyrics

Megan was looking for a song for her daddy-daughter dance Monday night and I saw this one on the list and remembered how much I loved it. I quickly downloaded it from iTunes, played it for her and she was sold. I’ve found myself signing it constantly since then and I’m hoping that I can dance with our daughter to this song on her wedding day!

I Loved Her First, as performed by Heartland:

Heartland - I Loved Her First - Single - I Loved Her First

Look at the two of you dancing that way
Lost in the moment and each others face
So much in love you’re alone in this place
Like there’s nobody else in the world
I was enough for her not long ago
I was her number one
She told me so
And she still means the world to me
Just so you know
So be careful when you hold my girl
Time changes everything
Life must go on
And I’m not gonna stand in your way

I loved her first. I held her first.
And a place in my heart will always be hers
From the first breath she breathed
When she first smiled at me
I knew the love of a father runs deep
And I prayed that she’d find you someday
But its still hard to give her away
I loved her first

How could that beautiful woman with you
Be the same freckle face kid that I knew?
The one that I read all those fairy tales to
And tucked into bed all those nights
And I knew the first time I saw you with her
It was only a matter of time

I loved her first. I held her first.
And a place in my heart will always be hers
From the first breath she breathed
When she first smiled at me
I knew the love of a father runs deep
And I prayed that she’d find you someday
But its still hard to give her away
I loved her first

From the first breath she breathed
When she first smiled at me
I knew the love of a father runs deep
Someday you might know what I’m going through
When a miracle smiles up at you
I loved her first

modified from CoyboyLyrics.

Great Day at the Temple

I really need to get to sleep… I’m looking at less than five hours before I need to get up, but that’s about double what I got last night!

Things I’ve learned recently:

1. You can’t just go to Disneyland and ride one ride. We left an hour after closing (11) last night, so I didn’t get home till 1 this morning and was up at 4 for the temple!

2. Apparently Cynthia and I look like we’re married. It happened again today. I think I counted three separate times I was questioned in some way. Once by an officiator who when he asked if we were married and we told him no, he then asked if we had a date set yet! Then there were two if not three members of the stake that asked me about her. No wonder no one dates anyone! It’s not the “kids” that are thinking about marriage, it’s everyone else!

3. Five sessions is a lot to go through in one day with less than three hours of sleep.

4. I love turning my phone off and spending an entire day without a cell phone strapped to my side.

5. Sleep is good. I’m going there now!

Hello 2009

Ready or not, here it is. The year 2009 is upon us. I’m not so sure I was ready and I’m not so sure it is off to the best of starts.

Let’s count the stupidity so far this year. I stayed up too late bringing in the new year on the computer and listening to my neighbor’s party till 2 in the morning when I finally went to sleep. I then got up too early and went to Disneyland with all the other crazies. To finish the first day, we rode splash mountain at 8 o’clock at night when it was 53 degrees. Let’s just say it was a cold ride home and ended the night for me with a splash. At least I got a free shower out of the deal. I then got up and went to work the next day. The girls said they wanted to work. The girls weren’t there. It was just me.

I got a great idea to go see the Rose Parade floats on display. Too bad they were only open 9-5 on Friday and Saturday. As I was working (the only one mind you) on Friday, that didn’t work out so well. As since I had to work a wedding today, there wasn’t enough time to go this morning. P.S. I learned that it wasn’t necessary for me to have worked this weeding, so I’m a little confused about that one.

I haven’t been reading my scriptures enough or anything along those lines lately, so I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t make that a resolution for this year. Maybe I should…. I have been enjoying reading the newspaper very much lately though. I had missed it and am so glad that I subscribed. I really am turning into my father in so many ways. I even found myself saving Tuesday’s paper when I didn’t have a chance to read it. If anyone ever sees large stacks of newspapers in my house that are waiting to be read, please throw them away for me.

Oh, yeah, so back to the wedding that I didn’t have to work today. If I hadn’t been scheduled for that, I probably would be hanging out in Idaho having fun this weekend. That also would have meant I wouldn’t have been at work yesterday. So, pretty much, it’s all the girls fault. Yep, I’m going to blame it all on them!

I’m kind of looking forward to getting to work now that all these holidays are over. I feel so lost with all these random days off and no consecutive days in the office. I think we are making progress on some fronts and I am hoping to have a very good year.

Well, before it gets to be tomorrow, I’m going to call it a night. Best wishes to all for 2009!

Haunted Trail

Another night I’m up past 1 in the morning? Are you kidding me? I don’t even think there is a stretch to blame this one on Melissa either. We went down to the Haunted Trail at Balboa Park tonight. Other than the long waiting and no parking, it was pretty good. I wasn’t scared, but was startled a few times. Mandi was freaking out though and I was pretty much attached to her side the entire time. Melissa, her sister, was attached to the other side firmly. We made Melissa M. and Krystal lead the pack. Krystal kept saying things like “oh hi” to the guys when they tried to scare her and I was just cracking up. Melissa M said at one point no me gusta dolls and the girl replied back but we me gusta you! That’s was pretty good.

Today was kind of crazy. I’m looking forward to a relaxing Sunday now. I got started with some laundry this morning and then Melissa Davis and I went up to Lake Elsinore to pick up some money and then went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get a present for Jim & Leisha’s wedding, which we then drove straight to. It was a little different attending the wedding in the chapel. We then had some break time at which point I took Melissa home and came home to finish up my laundry and grab a bite to eat.

The reception was good other than I didn’t know many of the people there and it was a bit warmer than I would have liked. I came home and tried to break my website for a while and then it was off to the trail.

Bee Movie

I was able to get a little bit of relaxation in today. I did a small amount of cleaning this morning and then watched Fringe. I got the joy of working a wedding today at GT. I got to see and talk with Sean who I haven’t seen in a while, so that was cool, and the wedding was pretty easy.

After the wedding, I enjoyed some more peaceful time at home. Lauren was supposed to come over, but I never heard from her. I’m sure she fell asleep again or something along those lines.

I got some pictures printed at Costco today as well. It was really for Tara, who I have been promising pictures to for months now. It also gave me an excuse to fill a frame I bought the other day and order some others which may someday make it into a frame and help me fill the walls of this house.

I watched Bee Movie tonight. It was fairly entertaining, but nothing too special. I liked that they learned what a contribution to society they are. It makes me think about all the things that we complain about or that we want to fix. If things were different, would the grass really be greener? We hate ants, yet without them we would have a trash problem. They clean up a lot of things that we leave behind. Even in our houses they help us to keep clean as we don’t want to have to deal with them. It really is a huge circle we have here. If one part of the circle stops doing it’s job, we’ll all have some big problems on our hands.

Houses and Weddings

Well I went and saw the Longbranch house today. The place is great. I’m glad things didn’t work out with Eucalyptus, or at least don’t look like they are going to as I don’t have to compromise on anything major in this house. It has my laundry room upstairs, separate dining and living rooms and two bedrooms in addition to the master with their own bath which could be great for renting to make some extra cash. The location is a bit better to with it being easier to find and at a higher elevation. The lot isn’t quite as big, and it doesn’t have a pool, but those are small sacrifices for this great of a house. I kind of wish it had double ovens, but that can be fixed when the oven dies like we did here in Acacia.

The weddings went well and we were able to do both of them outside. We had a bit of drizzle, but nothing to ruin the day. That pretty much took most of my day, so I don’t have anything else to report. This house hunting has been consuming me this week and all I do is think about things that I will need to do, what needs to be purchased and what is or is not worth moving. I keep thinking that maybe I could sell such and such instead of moving it. That probably would have been a good plan years ago when I replaced my TV, but no one wants to buy a 27″ CRT TV anymore…

I watched I know pronounce you Chuck and Larry tonight. It was mildly funny. I liked the message of friend sticking together and going above and beyond the line of duty, I probably could have done without some of the stuff in there too.

High Offer

Well they came back today and said that we had the best price by $400, but wouldn’t give us anything on paper to prove that they had an offer of $335,500. Things just seemed too fishy for me to go through with it, so I decided that I wouldn’t sign anything more and I think maybe tomorrow we will walk away. Our offer expires on the 3rd day, tomorrow, so it is probably a mute point anyway. I think in the future we will only give the buyer 48 hours to respond so they can’t continue to wait for a better offer. And I don’t think we will be doing this incremental offer thing and will go back to the traditional offer a single price scenario.

I am really excited about this other house. I’m almost expecting it to be a dump, but the comps show that the price is right, so maybe we can get in on it. We started to figure out tonight exactly how to get the funds for the down with the best financial result.

The wedding tonight was inside due to rain which was OK with me. It allowed me to spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer looking at houses. I hope tomorrow’s AT weddings aren’t rained out as I don’t want to deal with doing them in the tent. I guess I really shouldn’t complain and should just count my blessings and get to sleep!

Hot Weddings

It was way too hot to be doing weddings today. Actually, I guess it wasn’t that bad; I’m just not used to it and don’t prefer it. It also didn’t help that I was doing two of them back to back instead of just taking care of one venue. It all went well, although I could tell I was a bit rusty and a bit taxed with the two venues. All went well though. If you know of someone with some sound experience that would be interested in doing sound for weddings and things along those lines, please let me know as we need an extra hand to keep up with demand.

I pretty much wasted the rest of the day away watching TV. On the plus side I’ve caught up on a lot of episodes of Without a Trace and Cold Case and also learned some interesting new facts for me to use as useless tidbits at the next party I attend! There actually was an interesting show on this morning about building a bridge over the Bearing Sea, from Alaska to Russia (or whatever is over there). The big problems are the distance it would span, where it is being built, the cost of such a project and, oh yeah, the fact that it would be hit by glaciers!

I think it is time to cut back the TV and find more useful activities…

Becky’s Reception

It may be hard to describe what I accomplished today, but it was definitely needed. I got some stuff done around the house and just chilled for most of the day. I even basically forgot my cell phone most of the day and what things I was supposed to be doing, but it was definitely needed after the crazy last few weeks. I hope Nathaniel was more productive today than I was.

Tonight was Becky & James’s wedding reception. It was good and helped me maintain my mellow mood. I enjoyed getting to see Becky and Laura. I spent some time talking with Laura’s parents. It turns out that Scott & Ginger just bought a house in Murrieta right by the stake center, so maybe i will get to see them more often. Becky did a great job with the reception. They had great food and a candy table. I felt bad for not helping her with her music when she asked earlier, but I guess she got it all worked out.

i’ve got a lot to do before church tomorrow morning, so I’d better get to sleep…