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WordPress Automatic upgrade

I haven’t tried this, but it looks like it would save a lot of work. I would always suggest downloading a full backup of your site – or ensuring that there is one on your server before doing any upgrade, especially if it is being done automatically.

That being said, with the rate of updates to wordpress these days, we need something like this to eliminate some of the steps.

WordPress › WordPress Automatic upgrade « WordPress Plugins

Quiet All Around

Not much to report today. Things were pretty quiet in the office. I’ve been talking about blogging for work for a while and I think I am going to actually get started. I wrote my first post today although it was more of a note and less of a post, congratulating the guys at Quantum for earning rep of the year.

I had a nice quiet evening at home tonight and am hoping to get a good night’s sleep tonight as I was really tired today. I think I’ve determined that the mood I’m in when I go to sleep has a huge effect on me the next day. I guess it is true that you should never go to sleep angry. Monday night I was excited/happy and I think it was the best night’s sleep I’ve had for a while. The rest of the week hasn’t compared and this morning I even got up late. I think I totally slept through my alarm.

Thanks Dave » Spam Karma goes GPL

I was both saddened and excited to find out today that Spam Karma is going open source. I would first off like to thank Dave for this amazing software which has worked oh so well for so many years with WordPress.

Dave’s Blog » Blog Archive » Spam Karma goes GPL

I do feel his frustrations with WordPress and wish sometimes that it would go back to the simpler days when things just worked. We don’t need all this fancy junk that just bloats the system and slows things down. Alas, when things get popular, they start making them for the masses and the reason that people were drawn to a product in the first place disappears.

Dave, thank you for getting this project started. I completely understand your need to move onto other things at this time.

WordPress 2.6 Upgrade – Fix Missing Categories

So I upgraded our WP installation at work today and ended up losing all the categories. I knew I could figure it out through the SQL database. This post really helped, although you can easily skip the first step.

David Cumps » WordPress 2.6 Upgrade – Fix Missing Categories

Just locate the categories in your DB backup and then use the URL to edit the categories on your live site. You can add the descriptions there if you really want them, but in my case that wasn’t something I was interested in.

Redirection – categories to tags url

I just wanted to give a shoutout for this plugin I just found, activated and which solved my problems in seconds! I was looking for something to redirect any requests for /category/ to /tag/ since WordPress decided to delete all my categories after converting them to tags the other day. I tried doing this with a redirect in cpanel and .htaccess which didn’t seem to work (I don’t know why) and I discovered I should have been doing this with mod_rewrite already, but again it didn’t seem to work.

In any event, this plugin seems to solve the problem in seconds and I like the log it gives. I may actually look at moving the rest of my redirects (for old pages before wordpress) into this system so I can more easily track them as well.

Redirection – Manage 301 redirections without modifying Apache | Urban Giraffe

The only config I had to do after dropping the plugin in and activiating it was putting the following redirection in place:

Source URL: /category/(.*)
Target URL: /tag/$1
Type: Simple redirection
Method: Pass-through
Regex: checked

(courtesty of perassi.org)

Happy blogging!

Mysterious GT Outing

I enjoyed sleeping in this morning and doing a lot of nothing today. I did upgrade wordpress on my site this morning (afternoon) so it now supports tags and will allow people to register. I had the register feature turned off because I was getting registration spams, but I was able to find an easy to install captcha to hopefully solve that problem. It seems to be working so far, and as a demonstration of how many registrations I get, I got one during the time it took me to setup the captcha which was less than ten minutes!

I also enjoyed looking at information on the upcoming Knight Rider movie. Matthew made me think they were going to be bringing back episodes, but it is just a made for TV movie. I’m sure it won’t be nearly as good as the original, but I will enjoy it nonetheless.

Tonight was the GT annual employee outing. Desoree invited me on Wednesday, so there wasn’t much planning that went into it on my side, but they have been planning it for a while. They kept the destinations a surprise which was interesting and probably a good idea at the same time. We ended up going to Ruth Chris on the San Diego Bay and then going to Kearny Mesa Bowl for two hours of bowling.

I had never been to Ruth Chris before so it was great to go. I don’t think I got invited two years ago when they went (we aren’t technically employees of GT so we don’t get the notices). The food was good, but the service wasn’t that great. I’m sure some of that was due to the party size (50 people), but I ordered a drink twice which I never got and it just seemed to take forever to get the food around.

Bowling was good. I hadn’t been bowling in years, possibly over a decade because I only remember doing it in Kansas and there is no mention of it ever on my blog! I actually did fairly well, at least compared to many of those in our party with scores in the low hundreds. I was getting really tired during the second game, but my technique was getting better so my scores remained about the same. Mark could really get the ball down the lane, so much that I don’t even think it spun on the way down most of the time. I wouldn’t have wanted to get in the way of that ball. Desoree was doing the grandma bowl: walking up to the line and then tossing the ball between her legs. Don did pretty good and ended up with the second highest score I believe. Jeremiah’s fiance beat everyone with a 150-something score.

I must hand it to GT for always putting forth a great effort in their parties. They’re looking for ideas for next year, and I’m always up for ideas of things to do for CBC, so what ideas do you think would be good?

I guess it’s a good thing I’ve spent so much time sleeping this week because these past two days have been rough. I’m looking forward to another good night’s sleep tonight…