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I don’t know that I really have much to report. I went up to President Mattson’s yesterday and wired up the subwoofers in his home theater. Then I came home and cleaned. I know, I lead such an exciting life. To finish off the night Michelle and Melissa came over and we watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It was alright; I’m just glad we finally watched it.

The girls kept me up way too late last night and I therefore slept in this morning. Church went well, but I caught myself being a bit short with people more than once. I don’t know if this is Christmas depression or what, but it isn’t good. I think I’ve always been able to hold in my anti-Christmasness in for the most part, but it is just spilling everywhere this year.

I’ve also been so tired almost all the time lately and have pretty much been anti-social, so there must be something larger going on. Too bad I’m not smart enough to recognize what it is. Maybe my boring life is just feeding on itself.

Working Too Much

So it seems that I am a few days behind again. I think I’ve been working too much. i spent all day today at the GT, doing some computer stuff and working a wedding. I didn’t make it to the temple, so i spent some time back home with the family.

Yesterday I ended up going to El Cajon do upgrade the firmware in some amplifiers and do a wireless survey. Looks like I’m going to have to order some new toys to get a bit more information.

I don’t remember what I did Wednesday, just that I was in a bad mood, mostly over Christmas and didn’t want to be that negative.

I have a feeling I’m going to end up working tomorrow even if it doesn’t involve going to the office. There are certainly more than a few things that I didn’t get done this week that needed to be done.

No Doughnuts

I had a good time at the temple today. I officiated the 7:30 session and then attended the 9:30, which was a bit different for me. Sister Kowallis was in the 9:30. People have been saying that I’ve been doing a good job, but all I can think of is all the things that I should be doing better. They probably realize that I’m learning and know what I need to be working on.

I ate way too much at Fuddruckers for lunch today. I was just going to have a burger, and then went for the bacon cheddar cheeseburger and after the great fries this weekend, ordered some of those. Then I decided to get a chocolate shake. I didn’t need nearly that much food. Nor did I need the cookie that they gave me on the way out after I ordered brownies for Batch. The cookie was pretty good though, something new for the holidays, a peppermint cookie. It was like a chocolate chip cookie, but with peppermint bits instead of chocolate chips.

I went to work for a meeting this afternoon and was able to get through most of the email from the day. I’m going to have to actually get down to work tomorrow.

I heard a new song on the radio on my way home and went on iTunes to check it out. Then I started looking at Christmas music, I’m not sure why or how, but I guess I was just wasting time waiting for Alison. I’ve decided that I’d be ok with Christmas music if it was all sung by Josh Groban. I love his voice so much I’ve practically been listening to his Noel CD since I bought it four hours ago.

Alison and I went to Pat & Oscar’s tonight. We haven’t been there in forever and ended up getting a comped meal from the manager. I later got in trouble for not taking doughnuts to the Dowden’s today. I didn’t know that I was supposed to. No one had asked that I was aware of and I didn’t really feel like going to KK for the fun of it.

Good Morning, Good Start

I can’t really think of anything to report today. It was just your typical fairly boring day. I was in the office early this morning and got a fair amount done. I found some new Christmas music to use as our music on hold and took care of some other odds and ends. I came home tonight and have been lazy – surfing facebook and watching TV. I watched Cold Case and Fringe.

That’s about the extent of it. Oh, it was nice to get up a bit closer to regular time (i.e. earlier than I have the past few weeks) and I actually had some time to sit and read in the living room. I really enjoyed that and was able to get to work early on top of it. Getting the morning off to a good start can have such a big impact on the rest of the day.

I’m looking forward to going to the temple tomorrow morning even if I was just there Friday. I wonder if my stalker sister will be there again or what they may have me doing since this is a new month. I kind of liked my schedule last month, and I still need to get a watch. (Not that those two items really go together in a sentence, I must be getting tired.)

The Rain Brings Such Beauty

It was so beautiful this morning I can’t describe in words what I felt as I was driving to work. It had rained last night so the roads were wet and the air just had that clean feel and clear look to it that only comes after the rain has purified things. A lot of the trees on Whitewood actually lost their leaves and there was a plethora of colors in some places. In some spots entire bushes or yards were covered with the autumn colors of fallen leaves. The sun was peaking through the clouds and giving them an awesome backlight while at the same time it was clear skies to the west. I could have spent hours taking pictures, but was trying to make it to work on-time so there was no time to stop and take pictures. In retrospect, it would have been worth showing up late to enjoy it a bit more.

Things were kind of quiet, but pretty busy at the office today. I spent a few hours teching an amp that came in for repair which involved me finally installing Windows XP on my Dell laptop. I was able to get some more things cleaned up on my desk and my email is actually under control, so I’m pretty much looking forward to a long weekend. I may go in on Friday for a while just to get some single user mode things done.

I came home a bit earlier than normal, but later than i was expecting today. I spent some time working on my site and updated the theme for fall as well as finally got all the RSS feeds in for the blogroll. I just wish I could get it to sort on time updated, but maybe that will come in a future update of the plugin.

I grabbed some pizzas and took them over to the Rodriguez’s for dinner along with returning their tupperware from the other night. I went to a missionary correlation meeting which I think could be better arranged for a time before or after church on Sunday instead of pulling us all together on another night. I then went to our branch’s pie night at the Prosser’s. I enjoyed some pumpkin pie and talked with people for a while. I ended up at the Dowden’s until I felt I was going to fall asleep and my contacts really started to bother me.


Today seemed like it was dragging on in the office. I was so ready to get out of there long before 4:30. The phones were pretty quiet and I was doing boring work most of the day along with a few more interesting projects.

Somehow or another I got out of taking Maegan to the airport in the morning. She had suggested coming up to Murrieta tonight to save time in the morning. I explained that I’d rather not drive to Fallbrook tonight to get her and would rather just get her in the morning. Soon after I was told Larilyn was going to take her so I must have offended her somehow. I guess that seems to be the theme for this week, which isn’t much good since this is supposed to be the week of Thanksgiving. What am I doing wrong? I am in that bad of a mood over Christmas that I can’t see my own actions?

I was thankful to go home teaching tonight with Kenny. I enjoyed the preparation time to ponder President/Elder Bednar’s talk on effective prayer from this past conference. I love his talks and feel so strongly connected to him. I probably got more out of it than Chris did, but I felt it was the one we were supposed to share. Hopefully it will help him as well.

Now I have to ask the question: Where is the line between complaining and critiquing? I’m worried some feel that I have been complaining when I have nearly been trying to improve situations. There are certainly times I complain, like about the way some things went down Saturday, but with regards to tomorrow morning, this correlation meeting and cheesecake, I haven’t been trying to complain, merely share my opinion in an attempt to arrive at a better product, use time more effective or waste less resources.

I hung out with the Dowden’s for a while tonight. I even called Sister Dowden at work this morning just to hassle her and she did such a good job with the phones I didn’t even know it was her!

I’m anxious to go to the temple tomorrow. I feel like I need that sanctuary from everything that has been going on lately. I don’t think I’m going to work after, so I may stay for a while after my shift just to enjoy. I think I got some cool sunset shots on the way home from work tonight. I stopped in the office complex by Exit Realty and took shots with the American flag there and the sunset in the background. The sunset was actually pretty good tonight, but one that would have been hard to capture without being in the right spot and so forth. I was content enjoying it in person and not worrying about getting perfect pictures, so that’s a plus.


OK, so I’m totally a slacker. I don’t even have good excuses for not writing or doing anything this past week. I think I was just too tired most nights to even drag the laptop upstairs. In fact my trusty macbook pro didn’t even come out of it’s sleeve from Monday night till Thursday!

Let’s see, Monday I think Larilyn came over and made cheesecake. Tuesday I was planning on going to the Rodriguez’s, but got a call that I was making pancakes on the way back up from the temple. Maegan actually ended up doing all the cooking, I just provided the kitchen. I must be honest that they weren’t want I was expecting, but they were pretty good and by Friday they were really growing on me. Larilyn, Batch and Melissa D came to partake in the goodness of strawberry Oatmeal pancakes as well.

Wednesday was another one of those attempts to eat with the Rodriguez’s. I got a phone call on the way over there to stupidvise at the stake center. So, I was planning on getting lots of things like home teaching done, but I ended up siting and talking most of the time with Michelle and then later Melissa and Larilyn came to join in on keeping me company. They all made fun of my spaghetti which I was grateful the Rodriguez’s gave me.

Maegan came over on Thursday and we both worked from home in the afternoon. I was able to get caught up on my email from the past week and the current week so it was a great accomplishment. It actually cleared the path for me to get through the mail on my desk at the office on Friday. We tried to go exploring downtown Murrieta, I’m not sure if that was the result of a joke or what, but we quickly determined that there is nothing to do or see after dark in downtown Murrieta. We grabbed dinner at Chili’s and then she dropped me off at a meeting at the stake center before institute. We took the Cheesecake over to the Dowden’s for institute and then left it there so I couldn’t have any tonight when I wanted some.

I felt like I got a lot done in the office on Friday. I was able to almost clear up our account with FedEx which is huge. We had missed some bills back in January and March which no one caught and was causing a heck of a lot of confusion. I realized today that I’m only going to be in the office two days next week if I don’t ditch out on one of the other ones to hit up Disneyland. That’s going to be one heck of a short week!

Last night I actually fell asleep doing laundry. Well, not in the process of doing it, but while waiting for the last load I gave up and was out cold. This morning I went to the temple for our initiatory assignment and ended up working the entire shift as well as covering two veils before hand. I’m always glad to be at the temple, but I hope I never spend four hours in initiatories again. That’s hard work and I give serious credit to Cynthia for being able to do it for an entire shift. It probably didn’t help that I hadn’t ate lunch either and it was nearly 7 o’clock before I got home after grocery shopping and was able to eat.

I hung out at home tonight being lazy watching TV, texting and surfing facebook. I still haven’t posted pictures, nor have I written about Maui yet. Maybe I’ll have some time tomorrow. Nah, probably not.

#YESon8 Victory

It appears that we have emerged victoriously! It was only by a narrow margin though and there are still votes to be counted, but with 100% of precincts reporting and we have a 52.5%, I think we are safe to say we won! I think they still have to count the absentee ballots which I guess could take up to a month.

I totally slept through my alarm this morning and was a little late to work, but it felt so good. We had a 53′ FedEx National LTL truck deliver a 2′ x 2′ x 2′ box to us today. The packing slip says it was sent on a pallet. It gets even better. Inside the box was a 3″ x 3″ x 10″ box without even any packing material! I think they could have sent it US Mail! I have pictures for the fun of it. I’ll have to post them later.

I enjoyed a quiet evening at home tonight. I bought Melissa’s plane ticket, watched some TV and talked on the phone. I really was pretty much just lazy tonight. I was able to talk Melissa into coming with me to Maui. I don’t think she has realized yet that this means she is stuck with me for the bulk of the week. I wonder when she will figure that out! The flight I’m on jumped to $1800 today, it is absurd. I booked her on a flight that was $570 by the time I got it booked, but was $360 or so earlier this afternoon. I guess I still haven’t learned that it pays to book flights early.

I discovered that my website is #4 for yeson8 and #5 for proposition 8 text. I’m sure I’m in the top results for other searches as well. The daily visitors on my site have about doubled over the past month. I’m sure it will die down here again soon.

I’m sure there was something else I wanted to write about tonight, but I need to get some sleep and stop writing. Good night to all and thank you for your support!

Happy Halloween

I got a lot of things cleared up in the office today. There were a handful of end of month items and I got my desk to the point where I could actually see across it. There are still a lot of things to be dealt with, but we’re getting there. I think I can be completely caught up before I leave next week and then the cycle can start all over again. We did some phone interviews for the data entry clerk.

It seemed like I got a late start from work today, after being there even earlier than normal this morning! I stopped by the bank and then the grocery store. I spent $86 and I didn’t even buy any fresh food. I did buy some Halloween candy at 30% off and I guess there was a lot of cheese and ice cream. I was running “low” so I had to restock the freezer today.

It was nearly 6:30 when I got home and I realized that I had essentially forgotten about our family dinner tonight. I wouldn’t have made it at that point, so I just continued to the Dowden’s and hung out there. I got to see all the amazing costumes and hang out with some friends tonight. (See pictures on Facebook.) I was there until about 10:30 and am now working on bed so I can be at building cleanup at 8 in the morning.

I still haven’t found anyone to go to Hawaii with me and I leave in a week! I wonder exactly how crazy I will go being there by myself. I’m starting to think I may have to pay someone to go with me. How sad would that be?

I was also thinking about how things have changed in communication. I used to talk on the phone for hours. I remember using all my minutes. Now we text message. It’s a much slower form of communication and lacks many of the real qualities of life. For example, I’ve found that while I seem to be able to talk all day and night via sms, it seems much harder in real life and on the phone with people that is how I primarily communicate with. I need to stop texting so much and get back into calling people. I guess it is just so much easier to have private conversations via text and also to get to people when they are working and such. I could probably come up with a better balance though. I do miss talking to Tara on the phone and I haven’t talked with anyone like I did with Amanda. Now that was great. That was back when I had to pay her a quarter for sending her a text message or something. Oh how times have changed. Maybe some of this has changed since I’m not driving so much anymore as well.

Anniversary Present

Looks like this will be another night where I will be getting less than six hours of sleep. I can tell it is really starting to get to me. As much as I have enjoyed staying up late talking and so forth, I really enjoy the inside of my eyelids! I was trying to get to bed early tonight, which I guess is good since I’m getting to bed at my normal time. Unfortunately, I have to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Today was pretty quiet in the office. It seemed like I was able to get a lot done and I started working on clearing off my desk. Tonight was pretty crazy. I met Cynthia at the house for some cheesecake and then went home teaching with Kenny. We only got to visit Chris and then went to the Rodriguez’s for Adam’s “mission call.” The mission president has asked him to come serve with his son for the final three days of his mission. What an amazing opportunity! That so awesome!

So I probably took the marriage thing a bit farther than necessary today and sent Cynthia an anniversary present. I sent some flowers to her work in the short period she was there today.

(Picture from craftjuice.)

Maegan’s Little Friends

Maegan's Little Friends

So these two cats from next door, kittens actually I guess, that Maegan found shortly after I moved in have been around a lot lately. I keep telling her that they miss her. They will follow me into the house, into my car, etc. They really need some love and companionship. One of them ended up in my garage tonight and was just purring up a storm when I went out there to let him out. Are they not getting any love at home? I wonder if they are even ever allowed in the house cause it seems that they are out roaming around all the time.

Normally I’ll bring whoever follows me in and then send him back out the front door. Tonight I decided to let the little guy hang out for a while and watch CSI with me. He was right at my heels the entire time I was going around the house and once I got on the couch was just right at home. He kept trying to do something to my face though and he was drooling all over the place.

Work was pretty busy today and then I went up to President Mattson’s to take a look at his home theater. I need to help him with some final wiring things, but it is coming together nicely. The house is amazing!

Institute at the Dowden’s tonight was kind of a small group – and it ended up being people who weren’t there last week, so we got to do a repeat which was great.

Beautiful Minneapolis

Hello again from beautiful Minneapolis. Things are cooling down here and starting to get really beautiful. It probably is a good thing I didn’t bring my camera, cause I’d probably be outside freezing right now trying to take pictures of something. Heck, I probably would have gotten lost exploring and needed to geotag my pictures to find my way back.

I’ve been learning a lot. I don’t think I had ever really grasped how powerful this stuff is. I’ve known about a lot of the features, but I think I always figured you needed more to make things work. We haven’t even gotten into NetMax and have only been playing with the cards in the RL amps. I’ve been starting to ponder what I’m going to do for my project. It makes sense to do a real job that we have coming up, but I also kind of want to tackle the church buildings as they are pretty complicated for a ceiling speaker system. I’d like to see what I come up with before seeing how they actually do them and see if I’m any good.

I went to the Mall of America tonight for dinner. I was going to try the Twin City Grill, but they had a wait so I decided to try Kokomo’s. I had their tidal wave fettuccine alfredo. It was good, but definitely not the traditional dish like from Macaroni Grill. Next time I’d probably try the Bahama Burger.

I came back to the hotel and watched What Happens in Vegas. I thought it was pretty funny and of course believe that people can work to love each other once they get their mind straight. I don’t understand why it is so hard for some people to see sometimes. I guess we all have problems seeing what is right in front of us.

I did the WM 6.1 update on my phone tonight as well. So far it seems like things are working.

Now, as usual, I’ve been up too late, chatting online. Thanks Melissa!

NetMax Day 1

We got a good introduction to the product today and spent most of the day just talking about technical aspects of various products that related to Netmax. We started getting into the IRIS-Net software this afternoon. I can’t believe I went the entire day without seeing Carla. I’m sure she is busy getting things together for Maui. That girl works so much!

After class we went to TGI Friday’s for dinner and were there for a few hours. I was hoping to get back to the room and catch a movie tonight before falling asleep, but I got wrapped up in work and now am so past ready to go to sleep. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a bit more free time to relax, or I’ll get wrapped up in something else.

It is so beautiful out here, it makes me miss living in the North. The trees are losing their leaves and they are changing colors. The driveway at Bosch was covered in autumn colored leaves it was so amazing. I’m really glad I’m here now instead of having come back in July. Maybe I can come back this winter when there is some snow on the ground!

Ahead of Schedule

Ahead of Schedule

We had the concluding session of stake conference this morning. I got there about 45 minutes early and the chapel was already full. I knew I should have kept sleeping this morning! I can’t think of anything major that I learned from conference today, but I was thinking about the testimonies that people kept bearing. I totally kept thinking last night I was going to get called up, so maybe that’s why I’ve been thinking about it so much lately. I probably don’t give mine often enough, which is also probably why it isn’t very eloquent. I did enjoy conference even if I was a bit squirmy in the hard seats. I think I’m going to bring my own recliner next time!

I high tailed it out of there to get things finished up for the trip. I really didn’t like having the business trip on my mind during conference or really having to deal with it today, but sometimes things have to be done. I think I learned some patience though and that things will work out on the Lord’s timeline, mine isn’t important. It did seem like I kept hitting things talking about keeping the Sabbath day holy and such and I felt like I was really letting the Lord down today. There are probably bigger things I should be worrying about, but I guess it’s a start.

In any event, I had a good drive to LAX and made it there with plenty of time to go. I had thoughts about calling people about home teaching, but I didn’t feel the airport was a good place to be doing it so after a few calls I stopped. I also remembered I needed to send out the branch weekly email which sidetracked me too. The flight ended up being overbooked and they were looking for people to bump. I guess since we had a full flight, we were able to get going early and there was practically no wait for takeoff at LAX. We ended up arriving almost half an hour early which is great since it’s after midnight here now. I sat next to a doctor and we talked for a good portion of the flight. We talked about prop 8 and what is already happening. We really agreed on a lot of things which was pretty cool.

The hotel here has improved since last time. I guess the remodel did them good. They’ve got new suites with 32″ LCDs, granite countertops in the bathrooms, a good size work area and more. I’m impressed. Let’s just hope breakfast has improved as well. If not, I’ll be hitting up the IHOP again. Well, I should get to sleep as I need to be up in less than 6 hours, I think. Maybe I should find the itinerary again and double check.

Stake Conference

I got started this morning getting new lappy (darkpeanut) setup for next week. I ended up going with Vista Ultimate as it seemed like the easiest path to take. I had to spend some time re-downloading and installing drivers, and I think I still need to fix some minor issues. I’m a bit worried that the DC-One software won’t work, so i don’t know if that means I have other problems or their software just isn’t happy. I was going to try and install XP on a partition, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’ve heard mixed reports on if it will work or not.

I had to run by the church to turn in some home teaching things, then it was off to the bank to get things going for next week and home to keep working on lappy, get ready for the trip and stake conference this evening.

We had a discussion for most of priesthood which I always like better than the lecture format. Four wards ended up with 100% home teaching which I thought was pretty impressive and all wards improved. We were at 63% which isn’t great, but I think is an improvement from normal. A method of checking on the districts week by week was suggested. At weekly PEC meetings, one should be getting (or giving) a report on about 1/4 of the membership based on their perfect home teaching district. So week 1 would be districts/groups 1 & 3. Week 2 would be 2 & 5, then 4 & 7 followed by 6 & 8. This doesn’t mean members wouldn’t be taught until those weeks, but it would be expected that it would be done by then.

I had been thinking about a similar plan and am ready to get something like that implemented. The problem I see is letting people know what district those people they home teach are in. I don’t think most members know about the ranking system and it may take work to educate them in something they don’t really need to worry about. I’m thinking maybe we could just reach out and ask each home teaching companionship to make sure certain people are reached by each week. I think there are still some more changes we need to make to the perfect districts and also to our districts in EQ. I want to get more of a hierarchy going so each supervisor is only responsible for 4 companionships or so and we have more of a tree than we have now. I’ll probably have some time to work on that next week while I’m traveling and I think I will be able to make some calls to checkup on how things are going this month. I certainly don’t want to let things falter with the few off weeks we’ve had to start off this month.

We also learned that the percentage of endowed members in the stake has gone up to I think it was 80% from 60-something 6 or 12 months ago. The focus now is to get members going to our assigned week in the temple (which of course this month is the week that I will be out of town). I think they are going to change the focus during the offering in righteousness from as many sessions as possible to as many members as possible serving at least once during the week in the temple. I think both are good.

All I remember from the adult session tonight was President Smith talking about his future son-in-law calling him on the phone to ask for his daughters hand in marriage. I thought that was funny. He said that he then flew up to BYUI and the guy asked if they could go to the temple. I guess this one President Smith’s favor and he suggested always interviewing future in-laws in the celestial room.

I was thinking about trying to watch Made of Honor tonight, but I forgot about the tradition of going to Claim Jumper. Krystal came over briefly and I showed her the setup so she could come watch The Price is Right on Thursday. I’m so bummed that I am going to miss it. I hope I’ll get to watch it when I get back next weekend. We then went to join the group at Claim Jumper, but they made us sit at our own table. It actually worked out for the best probably as we got our dessert first and were able to checkout before everyone else and get home at a reasonable time. Oh wait, it’s still going to be 1 in the morning before I get to sleep. Bad plan.